From Gabriel in Jesus Rescue Team Ghana (JRT)


I have been with Jesus Rescue Team for about 5 to 6 years Now… We visit various grounds in our quest to having Jesus use us as vessels to Rescue the Souls of Men.

Today, the Lord made it possible for us to visit some PROSTITUTE JOINTS at Tema New town and trust me, I am heart broken…My feeling have been one of sadness, brokenness and a realization of the need to double up my steps if I really want to continue in this business of rescuing the Lost…I must say Not going to this people with the Gospel is being wicked and heartless towards them. The burden that is laid on me for what my ears heard today and what my eyes saw has aroused the need to double up my steps.. Don’t neglect this urgent call that has always been knocking your door which you seem to careless about!! Join us actively to fulfill this course!👌🏽

I met a lady today who was carrying a 3months old baby yet still into Prostitution!

We met another who was 24 years. Explained how she sleeps with at least 10 men a day to raise money to pay rent and fend for herself

We met others; two of whom were 31 years each with kids back at home but into Prostitution to raise money to fend for themselves and their families and their families not knowing that it is Prostitution they are into. Some of them have been in it for about 10years and over😭

Another beautiful young lady we met was 22years, another 26years and others!

These young Ladies are being exploited, misused and molested. Because Some of them genuinely expressed their willingness to quit such livestyles and do business, work with their own hands. Others also expressed their consent of wanting to travel back to where they came from to settle down in marriage…This really pricked my heart when I heard it!😭😭

How can all these come through without the power of the Gospel; the power of the Holy Spirit Considering how they received us, fellowshiped with us, sang and danced with us and listened to the word of God, I feel they must be visited often.

Infact, I cannot share it all, the further I type the more broken I am getting and tears running down my eyes… LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF GOD, LET’S SACRIFICE WHATEVER TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY IT WILL TAKE TO WIN THIS PEOPLE FOR THE MASTER.

A charge to keep we have,
A God to Glorify,
A never dying soul to save,
To fit it for the sky; for the Master😭😭😭👌🏽

Future of The Elijah Project

After 7 months from our visit to Ghana, we have do so much. We have been in contact with many in the different regions building up the Elijah Project and other ministries.

With Covid-19 hitting the entire world, the need for the Elijah project is in greater need. We found that with the Jesus Rescue Team in Accra that we can help them facilitate teaching to the guys in the ghettos. We are also working with CONDA to get the NGO’s working as one voice in the country. They will start to effect the surrounding area.

We are looking forward to meeting with Bishop Johnny Isaacs to start up the SACRED tour. South African Crusade on Recovery Education will start once the talks begin again after the lock-downs. We are going to help many churches out there do the same things as we did in Ghana 7 months ago.

We have a vision to reach everyone suffering with addictions, and give them help to recover from alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.

God gave us the Elijah Project, and soon Jim will finish writing the compendium to the Elijah Project Training Manual. We don’t know the books name, but it is based on mentoring with God.