In October 2019 Dawn and Jim traveled to Ghana by the grace of God.  Liberty International Network Europe funded the missions trip for the team of 8 people.  We traveled from Accra, Eastern Region, Norther Region, Ashanti Region, and Western Region of Ghana.


On this trip we spoke to thousands about addiction, recovery, and how to battle addiction.  We spoke to over a thousand students teaching them about the warning signs of addiction, and what it will end up looking like for them.  We allowed so many people to ask questions, and these students asked some really brilliant questions.  We were blessed to have so many interact with such enjoyment on the presentation.  So many people wanted to know so much, it’s hard to put into words what was discussed.


Laweh Open University Accra Ghana
Laweh Open University

When we presented a mentor-ship training program in Lahweh University in Accra a coalition was formed from the different agencies, and NGO’s present.  The Coalition Of NGO’s against Drugs and Addiction (CONDA) was formed then.  They are currently working on their constitution.  We are actively working with this strong partnership and it will bring more training opportunities, and the ability to reach the greater Ghanaian culture.




Whilst in Ghana we went to visit some lovely Nigerian girls in the prostitution area, but we will keep this secret to protect the girls.  They were so humbled by Dawn’s story of being in prostitution, and her ability to get out of it.  When we told them we would be back the next day, they didn’t believe us.  We spoke so much about how blessed we were by the girls we brought back the whole team!  When we got there the girls gave us hugs and were really interested in speaking with us, because we gave our word and held to it.  We just showed them Jesus’ love, and the response was great.  8 of them gave their lives to God!


We will make another trip out to Ghana to reinforce the connections we had with the men in the ghettos, and the prostitutes we evangelized to.  On the second trip to Ghana we will establish at least 1 Addiction Recovery Centre (ARC) for addicts to get into a rehab.  We are also establishing a training program for Ghanaian to get the teachings and get certification in addiction recovery.


Our last goal is to meet with the Ashanti Chief Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, on the next visit asking his permission to work within the Ashanti region promoting the Elijah Project.

What has happened during Covid-19

Since lock-down and Covid-19, we have been doing training for multiple people in the program. We have now 5 people certified to present the Elijah Project in Ghana, we are currently training up 14 more people from around the world. If you would like to run an Elijah project please get in contact.


Our recent certified Master Facilitators are: Osofo Deborah Hong, Mawuena Mottey, Osofo Michael Davies, Mr Love, and Walter Chuku! Congratulations you guys, brilliantly done on the studies and teach back!