Why did we pick Elijah?

The Elijah Project is a 12-week course designed to get people in a better
relationship with God. It was born out of God giving Dawn the message to reach out to people struggling with addictions. As the group grew, we found that the support people, pastors, and mentors got as much out of the project as the attendees.

The prophet Elijah is one of the most interesting and colorful people int
he Bible. God used him during an important time in Israel’s history to oppose a wicket king and bring revival to the land.

As times he was bold and decisive, and at other times fearful and tentative.
Elijah knew both the power of God and the depths of depression.

Once Elijah surrendered to God’s plan, he started to make one of the largest ministries in the land. His renown was so great, that he passed his ministry onto Elisha, who gained a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. This is the vision of the Elijah Project that everyone who goes through it, stands on the shoulders of the giants before them.

So, this is the inspiration of why we chose Elijah for the title of the manual, because all throughout the Elijah Project you need to start surrendering to God. We found those who were willing to give up their own personal desires, and follow God’s plan are those who had the most success in the Elijah Project.

The Elijah Project helps people get out of addictions, unhealthy mental
disorders, help long standing Christians find a better relationship with God,
and gives hope, help and healing.