About Jim & Dawn

The Elijah Project was written by Dawn VanSice in 2016 and it took over a year to complete the book. Let’s break down what the Elijah Project is and why it was written to begin with.

Jim & Dawn VanSice used to run a fellowship program for people on alcohol and drug addiction. Over time and as their influence in the area got greater, more people with different addictions came into the program. Eventually the fellowship couldn’t cover all the addictions that came in the door.

Jim & Dawn found it increasingly challenging to help everyone that came to them. Then one day, Dawn had a call from God to write the Elijah Project book. It was in spurts that God revealed the program. Once all the notes were down, Jim then undertook the task of compiling the notes into a book. With the Holy Spirit guiding his movements, the Elijah Project book was created.

Elijah Project

Jim heads up the training aspects of the ARC, Elijah Project, Mentor training, Be-Friender training, Addiction Awareness training, and the Presentations for the Recovered 4 Life organisation. As we speak Jim is currently writing the training manuals for mentors, be-frienders, and creating the users manual for the Elijah Project.

To put things into perspective, between Jim & Dawn both have had at least one of these addictions AND beat it:

Alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, sex, pornography, prostitution, food, work, and even satanism.

If you want help from these addictions or even others, then the Elijah Project is for you!